Moonsong (EP)

by Moonsong

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Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber A wondrous psychedelic experience--it is more successful in channeling the psychedelic garage rock of the 60s than the Flaming Lips. The short songs are filled with shifting melodies, psychedelic interludes, and moments of sheer weirdness. These 5 songs are filled with more ideas than 5 albums by some bands. Favorite track: Expansions.
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The debut from Moonsong.

Special thanks to Kayli, Shae, Zach, Lauren, Ashtyn, my family, and everyone else who's been so supportive of me during the creation and release of this collection of songs. Thank you.


released August 11, 2015

Moonsong is Cody Nielsen

Lyrics and vocal melody for track 2 co-written with Kaitlyn Terrell



all rights reserved


Moonsong Fayetteville, Arkansas

Psychedelic Pop from Fayetteville, AR.

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Track Name: Two as One
I've never known what it takes to
Get hit and turn the other cheek
Forcing things to escalate you’re

Two as one you’re
Always one too

Contrast and convene
For means oh
Compared to a shell
She means well
Convey what it takes
To make it

I've never been one to act out
Sit down and words are on reserve
Getting caught with a fire in my mouth
Track Name: Instability
Bright lights, some nights
I can’t tell if I’m
Plastic, elastic
I can’t tell if I’m

Sometimes I sense the foe life
That turns all in my own sight
When I feel it start screaming
Inside me
Like smoke, floating

No one tells you
The way that you perceive
If you’ve struggled
Then you aren’t too deceived
We can help this
Scramble to find me
While I’m searching
For our identity

Stay calm in this state
Feel stable in our own world
Track Name: Start Over
I can't stay
And you know that
Indecisive always
The world's on your back

You don't want to know what I'm saying
And I don't want to just throw it away
Content with always being the savior
Never learned how to just live in today

So let's start over

I don't mind tasting
You on my lips
Coincide with my
Hands on your hips
Crystal waves, molly
You're my absinthe

You don't want to know what I'm saying
And I don't wanna just throw it away
Content with always bein the savior
Never learned how to just live in today
I've been so ready to start on forever
But something always gets in the way

I've tried to chase the limelight
When you're all I've needed in spite
It took a trip to truly defer
Now let's please start over
Track Name: Expansions
On a mountain of leaves
I know why you hide
When the mind’s a peculiar thing
And you open wide

I miss the palace
Green glow, and green glow

What an unfamiliar scene
The system’s crashing underneath
All that is and what could have been
Pulled from beneath the sheet
Expanded night and overarching
Thinking for the first time
Track Name: Collective Hearts
To think I thought that I had a chance
But lightning struck me as I got up to dance
Ain't that just my luck

Somber thoughts
My window bleeds your name
Shows manic scenes of you and I together

What a toxic taste
But the cure’s your face

To think I thought that we had a dream
But things are never ever what they seem
Ain’t that just my luck

Down the stairs
I breathe to feel you move
Collective hearts
Condensed into the void of
Sea, swim for shore
Until your legs don't work no more

You grow, I know